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LAUNDRY MEADOW HQ is the very heart of operations here at The Paul Pry.

Not only has it been the family home for over 30 years but also has 6 acres of land which we have since dedicated to pasture, orchards and allotments.

Where ever possible we use our produce in what were serve at the pub, from fruit flavoured vodkas and gins, flowers for in and around the pub and vegetables for our Sunday roasts. 

Wendy Pope (Mum) is the proud custodian of said small holding as is currently planting both new and old variety apple trees for our orchard. In a few years time we are hoping to supply the pub with juices, ciders and brandies from it alongside hosting events there such as Wassail and Summer Parties.

Please have a look at some photos from early spring 2018 below...with many more to come!

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